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Tom Feeney knew what his priorities were.

He knew that to create the freshest, most luxurious-tasting Irish cream, you need to look after the ladies. And so our cows are pampered and preened and indulged like superstars.

Yes, these happy heifers get the best of everything – so they can give their very best.

Our Feeney had a unquenchable desire to create the most luxurious and luscious Irish cream. Here at our distillery, in the green heart of Ireland, we do too. And you can taste it in every sweet, creamy sip.

Cheers – or as we say to all our friends around the world,

Tom Feeney


Award Winning Irish Cream


It’s good to talk

We always love to hear from Feeney’s fans. And besides, the cows have heard all our jokes. So drop us a line any time. We promise to get back to you faster than something really quite fast.

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